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How to buy Options with DELTA , Initial Balance and VWAP

This advanced stock market training course provides in-depth knowledge of market profile analysis specifically designed for option buyers. It covers advanced strategies and techniques to enhance your ability to profitably trade options in the stock market.

Learn how to effectively trade using delta when buying options in this comprehensive course. Understand the concept of delta and its significance in options trading strategies. Gain practical insights on using delta to identify profitable opportunities and minimise risks. Enhance your trading skills and make informed decisions with this course.
Key highlights
  • Understand the concept of delta in options trading
  • Learn how to use delta to identify profitable trading opportunities
  • Discover strategies for minimising risks when buying options
Master the art of trading options using delta as a reliable indicator. Learn strategies to maximize profits and minimize risks in options trading. Enhance your trading skills with our comprehensive course on using delta when buying options.
  • Develop a solid understanding of delta and its role in options trading.
  • Learn how to interpret and utilise delta values for making trading decisions.
  • Discover effective strategies for identifying profitable opportunities using delta.
  • Implement risk management techniques while buying options based on delta analysis.

How to start Snowflake Certification course Online

Is the Snowflake database platform a good replacement for Hadoop? OR  Can snowflake be the accurate replacement for Hadoop?

Companies from various spheres are highly investing in big data analytics. The companies are analyzing their databases for finding the hidden patterns, strange correlations, marketing trends, customer experience, and varied business information. With these findings, they can be able to improve their company in numerous ways.

Many data frameworks are available for the companies to use, but out of others, snowflake and Hadoop are the prominent ones. Various big companies are likely to be using Snowflake and Hadoop as their big data framework solutions. While many companies who are using Hadoop for a longer time and desire to switch on to Snowflake big data platform should read on to this article. It will introduce you to the major features of both platforms to find out whether Snowflake can be a good replacement for Snowflake or not.

How is Hadoop’s performance different from Snowflake’s?

Hadoop was designed for continuously compiling the data from different resources without worrying about the data type and storage across the distributed environment. On the other hand, snowflake’s beauty lies in virtual warehouses. It provides the virtual workload and capacity.

Which platform provides the ease of usability? 

In Hadoop, the data can be easily injected by using the shell or integrating it with other tools such as Sqoop and flume. Whereas the snowflake database platform can be set up and gets into running mode in minutes. With snowflake, the requirement of deploying and configuring hardware or software becomes zero.


With the above discussion, it’s clear that in comparison to Hadoop, Snowflake will enable you to deliver deeper insights and add more value. This makes Snowflake a good replacement for Hadoop.



Snowflake Online Training and Placement India

What are snowflake SQL and ETL?

Because nowadays all organizations are running on a modern data-driven basis, every business irrespective of their domains is understanding the significance of the cloud data warehouse. Whereas, one such popular database platform which is known for its outstanding data warehouse platform is Snowflake. Its warehousing system offers flexibility and scalability to organizations. Snowflake aims at making organizations benefit from the lowest cost of cloud storage. Snowflake offers mainly two data warehouse platforms for the organizations as Snowflake SQL and Snowflake ETL. We have discussed both in this blog below

What is Snowflake SQL?

Generally, SQL is a structured query language which is the systematic format for managing and querying databases. Snowflake supports SQL. Snowflake SQL means that all the common operations are in use within its framework. This platform aids the operations which enable the warehousing operations of creating, updating, and inserting. SQL is used in Snowflake for queries in an ordeal to find the specific data by panning against its norms.

What is Snowflake ETL?

ETL is termed as a short form of extract, transform, and load. Snowflake ETL is the procedure of extracting the data from one or more sources, transferring it to the consistent layouts, and then loading it to the targeted database or warehouse. It is the process of applying ETL to load the data into the data warehouse. The sources from which the data will be extracted can be flat files, third-party applications, databases, etc.


This blog has discussed the data warehouse platforms – Snowflake SQL and ETL. For any doubt regarding any of them, you can clear from here.