Informatica Cloud Integration Certification Details

Informatica Cloud Integration Certification Details

How do I get certified in Informatica Cloud and Examination details?

Are you consider a career in the field of business intelligence? Don’t you know which way to expand your career? Then it’s time to view the leading data integration tool Informatica PowerCenter. You will achieve a top job in data integration with an Informatica Certification. First, briefly understand Informatica’s relevance and then read about every part of Certification: the examination structure, the prerequisite, how to enroll, and so on.

Why Informatica?

The leading data integration platform on the market is Informatica. The interconnection data integration platform works across the broadest set of diverse standards, systems, and applications that can test on almost 500,000 platform and device combinations. Informatica is a pioneer in the data integration platform of this impartial and universal view. It makes Informatica also an excellent strategic platform for businesses looking to solve problems of any size in data integration.

Which Informatica certification do I take?

The Informatica certification is a structure of two levels.

  • Specialist – A candidate must take a written examination, provided in person or by a webcam, to achieve specialist recognition. The examination by the specialist ensures that the individual knows the product and has the expertise and capabilities necessary for contributing as a whole team member to a project.
  • Expert – A Certified Informatica Specialist must certify the best practices and implementation processes in Informatica Velocity to achieve the Expert Standard. This credential ensures you can direct a project execution team in the best ways.

Informatica offers various certificates, and the two most preferred ones are Data Integration: the administrator and the developer.

Data Integration: Informatica PowerCenter Administrator

The qualified Informatica Administrator is the professional to monitor, monitor, and schedule loads, retrieve or restart load in crashes, and server monitoring. The management of development, quality, and production environments is also the responsibility.

Who should go for this Certification?

Although anyone passionate about data integration and ETL should go to this Certification in particular, this Certification usually involves the following professionals:

Analytics professionals.

  • Professionals of BI/ETL/DW.
  • Architects mainframe.
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence individual contributors.

Exam Structure

This examination tests your experience in the installation & setup, architecture, server maintenance, integration, stability, repository management of PowerCenter, web services, command lines and best practices in Informatica.

  • 70 questions with different options
  • Multiple Selection: Choose one choice to better answer the question or finalize the statement
  • Multiple Response: choose all the answers to the question or fill in the statement
  • True/False: pick the best answer after you have read the statement or questions
  • The registration fee is USD 240. You will have to wait two weeks before you go to the exam if you have not passed the first test.
  • Ninety minutes will be allotted for the examination.
  • Up to 3 times in one year from the day of your first exam attempt, you can take the examination.

Data Integration PowerCenter Developer

On the other hand, the exam could look simple, as only 49 of 70 questions are correct, and there is no negative marking. But if problems with multiple-choice options, it gets complicated. For instance, you can find questions where three correct answers should select one question. There is no partial marking to spoil the other two possible options with the correct option in such situations.

How do I register for the examination?

The first step is the creation of a test account for Web Assessor. Make sure your official e-mail address is registered.

You log in and apply for the examination if the account created. You should register for three months in advance to have enough time you need to prepare for this.

How are my results to be achieved?

You will get your results when you complete your test. Whether you have been passed or failed, you will know immediately. You also get a section-wise report on your result—a printable certificate with your mail-id.

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