Online Salesforce Admin and Development Crash Course

Online Salesforce Admin and Development Crash Course

What is a Visual force in Salesforce?

Visual force in Salesforce enables the creation of reusable interference and dynamics; it is a component-based user inference that is a part of a visual framework. They are designed to simplify the deployment and development of applications and websites especially cloud applications. Usually, it is a mark-up language that allows the user interface framework. They are like HTML and are used for building attractive and dynamic applications. The generated code runs on the server as the visual force lives on the server. A visual force page is been created with compositions of components, HTML and all kind of elements which are usually available on the platforms. They also upgrade and integrate the standard of web technology, JavaScript and so on to give more attraction to the user. Anyone can access the page as each of the pages has a unique URL that is easily accessible. The page interacts with a database, external calls for easy access.

What is Chatter?

Salesforce Chatter is a social collaboration platform like other social media apps, but they are used for organizations instead of socializing. They give user ultimate security for collaborations of secure work and establishment of networks, status updates and shared files. The users can follow people, information and groups; all of them are completely secure at the established networks. All the shared files, status updates are collaborated securely to provide the company’s absolute secrecy. It helps the employees to communicate with each other; it gives a platform to them for secure connection especially in large organizations with a huge amount of employee network. They are even applicable in small organizations and even with organizations with geographical dispersion. The features of the chatter are:

  • Salesforce Chatter provides a platform for anyone who wants to share insights or propagate new ideas to increase productivity and quality of the work.
  • It helps in the sharing of work and ideas to enhance the work of the organizations.
  • Private collaboration is possible in case of any sensible contents in the project.
  • They provide customer communication along with the chatter which helps in the development of the customer- employee relationship.

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