Power BI Course Content

Power BI Course Content

Lesson 1 – Business Intelligence & Data Science Introduction
What is Business Intelligence?
The flow of Business Intelligence
Components of Business Intelligence

Lesson 2 – Power BI – First Step
Gartner Architecture
Why Power BI?
Gartner Magic Quadrant Review
Power BI History – When, Where & Why
Installing Power BI Desktop
Signing up for Power BI Service

Lesson 3 – Introduction to Different Interfaces

Getting Started with Power BI
The Power BI Interface
Report Panel
Data Panel
Model Panel
Your first Power BI Visualization

Lesson 4 – Transforming Data Using Power BI Desktop
Introduction to Power BI Desktop

Connecting to Data
Getting Started with Data
Connecting to Databases and Advanced Features
Analyzing the Project Data Warehouse
Changing Locale
Connecting to a Database
Basic Transformations
Managing Query Groups
Splitting Columns
Changing Data Types
Working with Dates
Removing and Reordering Columns
Conditional Columns
Connecting to Files in a Folder
Merge Queries
Query Dependency View
Transforming Less Structured Data
Enter Data
Query Parameters
Data Prep with Excel Files
Data Cleansing
Editing Data Connections and Data Sources
Editing Metadata and Saving Data Sources
Data Blending

Lesson 5 – Power BI – Visualizing Your Data
Pie and Treemap
Hierarchical Axis and Concatenating

Filter (Including TopN)
Bar Chart with Line
Analytics Pane
Focus Mode and See Data
Date Slicer
Map and Filled Map
Table and Matrix
Table Styles
Scatter Chart
Gauge, Card, and KPI
Coloring Charts
Shapes, Textboxes, and Images

Lesson 6 – Visual Analytics – Working With Multiple Visualization
Page Layout and Formatting
Visual Relationship
Duplicate Page
Categories with No Data
Default Summarization and Categorization
Positioning, Aligning, and Sorting Visuals
Custom Hierarchies
Trend Lines

Lesson 7 – Playing With DAX

Introduction to DAX
DAX calculation types
DAX functions
Using variables in DAX expressions
Table relationships and DAX
DAX tables and filtering

Lesson 8 – Working with Power BI Service – Dashboard
Overview of Dashboards and Service
Uploading to Power BI Service
Quick Insights
Configuring a Dashboard
Adding Textbox, Image Widgets
Featured and Favorite Dashboard
Filtering Dashboard
Dashboard Settings
Featured Questions
Sharing a Dashboard
In-Focus Mode
Pinning a Live Page
Custom URL and Title
TV Mode and Collapse Navigation
Printing Dashboard and Exporting Data
Export to CSV and Excel
Publishing to Web

Lesson 9 – Viewing Power BI Dashboard
Viewing in Windows App / Android App / iPad / iPhone

Lesson 10 – Mobile App – Power BI
Report Gallery and Search
Mobile Dashboard Layout
Sharing and Annotating in Power BI Mobile
Platform-Specific Features
Search and Recent

Lesson 11 – Publishing & Projects
Publishing Contents
Interview Tips

Lesson 12 – Final Conclusion – Wrap Up
Submitting Interview Questions
Interview Tips
IT Companies Project Flow
Agile/Scrum & Waterfall

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