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What is Database Salesforce?

A database in Salesforce is usually defined as the organized collection of the objects where each of the objects contains some of the information. A database is a form where data are stored for things, contacts, people, etc which can important for any further project. Salesforce is a leading cloud Vendor Company that provides an amazing range of services for efficient customer functioning. Data is a very sensible and important thing and they are stored in databases that are made up of rows and columns. Each database has certain information which is stored mainly in a field or record form. Database in Salesforce stores collects and stores organized objects and each object which contains some vital information.

Standard objects, custom objects, and external objects are some of the common types of the database. The standard object stands for available or predefined objects, the custom object creates special demand made by the user as for example ID, name, contact details, owner, modified date, created date, etc, and the term external object means the storing of the external data or data outside the firm.

What is Data Management?

The data or the database is an important part of any type of organization and data management is an administrative process that includes storage capabilities, acquiring, and absolute protection, validating the data and even processing of the data which is given. The processing of data is important to ensure the reliability, accessibility, and timeliness of the data for easy access to the use. Data management mainly comprises of disciplines that are related to managing data as managing data is a valuable resource. Analyzing data, navigating databases, the integrity of the business, management of account and design and planning databases is an important part of management. The data can be updated, renewed, transferred and even be added through the management system. There are multiple types of Database Management Systems, come common types of management are:

  • Hierarchical database
  • Network database
  • ER model database
  • Document database
  • NoSQL database
  • Relational database
  • Object-oriented database
  • Graph database.

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