Oracle Fusion HCM Compensation Work Bench

Oracle Fusion HCM Compensation Work Bench

Introduction to Compensation Managment

Compensation Roles
Define Compensation Eligibility Profiles
Define Elements & Salary basis
Base Pay & Individual Compensation
Define & Manage Base Pay
Individual Compensation

Workforce Compensation Overview
Introduction to Workforce Compensation
Plan Configuration – Foundation
Configuring Budgets
Configure Components, Performance & Compensation stats
Configure Alerts & Worksheet design
Configure Model, Reports & Starting Comp Plan Cycle
Perform Budgeting & Modeling
Configure Compensation Worksheet
Worksheet submission & Approval process
How to Transfer Compensation data to HR
Linking of Performance Mgmt with Compensation

Individual Compensation Overview:
Overview of Fusion Individual Compensation
Individual Compensation Plan Setup
Awarding Individual Compensation Plan by Line Manager
Awarding Individual Compensation Plan by HR

Total Compensation stmts:
Understanding Total Compensation stmts
Configure Compensation Items & Categories
Configure Statement Definition
Generating & Viewing Total Compensation stmts
Purging Total Compensation stmts

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