Syclo Agentry online training

The Benefits of SAP Syclo- Work Manager

The SAP Syclo- Work Manager works quite differently to the SAP earlier offline mobile Product & indeed many of them offered by the other vendors. The 2 key points of the distinction of SAP Syclo- Work Manager version 6.3 are-Generally, there’s no intermediary data-storage between the mobile application & Back end. Mobile app logic is published to device application. This can be willingly updated with no requirement for any updates to the mobile app itself.
Mobility is the key focus for SAP Syclo- Work Manager version 6.3 – SMP Online training & the future for Syclo acquired goods under SAP Mobile Platform is positive. One of the really great things about the SAP Syclo- Work Manager version 6.3 is the investment they make on‐successful product development. SAP Syclo acknowledges that enhancements, especially around the UIX & solution link, are necessary & are working actively to address these.
Prior to the gaining SAP Syclo was a long-standing SAP partner having impressive global success in the mobilizing organizations, mostly in the areas of logistics & maintenance processes. Work Manager application 6.3 is one of Syclos most prevalent products. It is now termed as called SAP Syclo Work Manager and has replaced the SAPs Mobile Infrastructure based “Mobile Asset Management solution”.
Many institutes in India are now offering the complete teaching and SAP Syclo- Work Manager version 6.3 – SMP Online training. If you are thinking to make your career in this field, you should look out for a trusted education partner and join the course. There are lots of benefits of SAP Syclo- Work Manager version 6.3 – SMP Online training.

SAP Syclo Agentry Provides Competitive Edge To The Professionals In Mobility Market

With the rise in the mobility market, it is essential for the professionals to have a technical know-how of the recent technologies related to SAP mobility platform and also the SAP Sybase Unwired Platform. For the convenience of the professionals and also to give them a competitive edge the course on SAP Syclo Agentry has been introduced. SAP education offers a wide range of courses that will help you to mobilize the SAP ERP with the help of the new technology. The course has been scheduled such that they can be availed conveniently around the globe in consideration with the requirement of your location.

Details of the course

Consultants, developers of various applications, architects of mobile applications can benefit for this course. You can avail this course both virtually and through classroom. To enroll to the SAP Syclo Agentry course, it is important for the applicants to have basic knowledge regarding the software development and also understanding regarding the network and also server-client communication. It is also important for the consultants to have a basic knowledge regarding the SQL programming. Familiarity with the emulators, handheld devices and mobility concepts are also important. This course is effective in catering basic knowledge and skill set to the professionals to work with SAP Agentry Toolkit and also apply the concepts of Agentry.

Unit Chapters
Introduction to SAP Work Manager
Describing the SAP Work Manager Components
Describing the SAP Work Manager Landscapes
Installation and Configuration
Deploying the SAP Work Manager
Installing the Agentry WPF Client
Installing the Agentry Editor
Installing the Agentry Test Environment
SAP Agentry Application Initial development
Describing the SAP Agentry and Eclipse Platform
Creating an SAP Agentry Application Project
Object, Properties and Data retrieval
Creating object properties
Configuring Steps
Configuring Fetch
Configuring SAP Agentry Client User Interface
Publishing the Mobile app
Module Data structures and Object collections
Configuring Nested Collection properties
Data Table and Complex Table for application level Data
Creating a data table
Creating a complex table
Work Manager Business Logic Layers and Fetches
Use case for Extending SAP Work Manager
Fetching data with Fetch Processing Objects
Analysiing Fetch business requirements
Creating Fetch SAP Objects
Preparing the BAPI for a fetch
Coding Fetch Java Logic
Creating SAP Agentry Objects
Business Logic Layer and Transactions
Using Transactions to Transfer data to and from an application
Coding a transaction’s data transfer logic
Modifying SAP Agentry Object hierarchies
Creating a transaction’s user interface
Publishing a transaction
Advanced transaction functionality
Configuring Looping subaction
Configuring List Tile view
Enabling Scanning functionality
Enabling double click action for Lists