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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Online Training

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012  Supply Chain Management

Training Agenda;

  • Accounts Payable
  • Purchase requisition
  • Process flow
  • Purchase order creation
  • Purchase orders with Miscellaneous charges
  • Purchase Returns
  • Payments
  • Workflow – process
  • Reports and Inquiries

Purchase requisition

The Purchase requisition is the document that defines the need for goods and services.The Purchasing department can use purchase requisitions to generate the actual purchase orders for the items.

Purchase orders

Purchase order : are created to manage buying of goods, updating the product receipts and invoicing. Types  – Journal ; Purchase order ; Returned order

  • Status:
  • Open order
  • Received
  • Invoiced
  • Cancelled

Purchase order – charges

Purchase order with miscellaneous charges.Charges of different types like freight, transport, insurance can be attached to the purchase order.

  • Methods of assigning charges
  • Price charge – Fixed charge for an item eg. Startup fee.
  • Manual charges – Charge on whole order or on the lines.
  • Automatic setup of charges – Charges added automatically on creating a purchase order

Trade and Logistics MS Dynamics Course Material

  • Purchase returns
  • Companies issue vendor returns for various reasons like damaged goods or vendor has shipped the incorrect product
  • Methods of returns
  • Copy the original Purchase invoice – Credit note from the original purchase invoice
  • Return order purchase type – Purchase order type is selected as Returned order

Vendor payments

  • Terms of payment
  • To define payment method based on which the due date for vendor payment is calculated for vendor invoice.
  • Method of payment
  • Define payment methods – Check, Electronic, Cash
  • Vendor payment journal –  to enter payments against the vendor for the invoice selected.
  • Functions > Settlement
  • Payment print on method of paymentWorkflow process can be created to handle a purchase requisition. Example: Purchase requisition created by you needs your supervisor’s approval.Create a workflow of required type

    Define the process  flow

    Create a purchase requisition

    Submit the same for workflow approval

Reports for various vendor data is available:

  • Vendors
  • Vendor transactions
  • Vendor aging
  • Vendor invoice turnover and many more

Inquiries available for

  • Invoice journal
  • Receipt journal
  • Invoice history and more

Sales order status

  • Open order
  • Delivered
  • Invoiced
  • Cancelled

Methods of returns

  • Credit note – creates a credit note for a invoiced sales order with negative quantity.
  • Return order – created on request from the customer to return an item. It is a sales order of type Returned order.
  • Payment journal – On customer payments received payment journal is created and posted according to terms of payment.
  • Option to enter customer payments and then select the invoice for payment is present in the journal
  • Manually payments can be entered in the journal and settled against the invoice.
  • Reports and inquiries
  • Customer transaction inquiry – transactions posted for a customer including invoice, payments, interest, collection.
  • Customer balance – to view the current balance for the customer
  • Customer transactions – lists all transactions for the customer
  • Aging report – balance per customer per given period
  • Invoice journal – list all invoices for selected customer and date

Complete Introduction Video MS Dynamics AX 

MS Dynamics AX Course Agenda