What is Partner and Salesforce Reporting

What is Partner and Salesforce Reporting

What is a partner in Salesforce?

A partner in Salesforce stands for usage of the account by creating a Partner’s account. After creating a partner’s account, the contact records users can be added in order to convert them to partner users. Partner users are often known as Salesforce users as they can access easily to CRM objects like leads, campaigns, and opportunities. Only the partner user can access to the Salesforce data as they are invited by the user to a community. A partner user acts as a subordinate of the main account user, as all the data are rolled up by the partner’s account.  The user can obsolete the partner’s account and restrict them to make use of the data; they will no longer be a part of the community. Also, the Partner cannot delete the data and the contacts of the user. The Partners account needs the permission of the owner in order to create, edit, disable, and view contacts and the data for the partner.

What is Salesforce Reporting?

A report is basically a document that keeps data organized mostly in tabular or graphical form and Salesforce reporting criteria well defined generated based lists of data. The reports that can be used as Salesforce data are usually displayed in sets of rows and columns for easier and better work efficiency.

A list that is made according to the criteria is known as Report. These reports have access to all the data and information stored properly and squally, their accessibilities are very important and thus they are very confidential and play an important role. Salesforce has full control and accessibility over the reports which are usually based on the folder that has been created. The folders are easy to use as they can be shared, public, hidden, read-only, etc. There are several areas in a business where a better understanding of the report is very much necessary.

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