Customization IBM Maximo Online Training

Customization IBM Maximo Online Training

Customization topics (Section B)

  • Get introduced to Maximo Architecture
  • Understand Maximo Business Objects and its customization
  • Maximo User Interface Architecture and its customization
  • Understand Field validations
  • Understand Error Handling in Maximo
  • Understanding the Cron Tasks and Action Classes in Maximo
  • Understanding Logging and Log Messages in Maximo
  • Debugging in Maximo
  • Common coding standards for Maximo Customizations

MBO Customization (Section C)

1) Introduction to Maximo Business Object Framework.

  1. Introduction to Maximo Framework
  2. MaximoStartupServlet

ii.Maximo Login Page.


  1. Design Patterns used in Maximo

iii.Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)(AppService class)

  1. Important Maximo Framework classes
  2. MXServer
  3. MaxSession


  1. MaxVars

3) Maximo Database related classes

  1. Maximo Database Related Classes (DBManager,SQLFormat)
  2. Transaction in Maximo (MXTransaction)

iii.Persistent and Virtual classes

  1. Relationships

4) Maximo Business Objects classes

  1. Understanding the Application Set and Application Classes in Maximo
  2. Understanding the important MBO Classes.
  3. MboSet
  4. Mbo


iii.Understanding Faux and Hierarchical Mbo’s

  1. Understanding Status Handlers
  2. Customization Points.
  3. Sample customization Scenarios

5) Maximo WebClient Architecture

  1. Understanding the Maximo Client Framework.
  2. Application XML’s

iii.Maximo’s presentation Layer(AppInstance, PageInstance, ControlHandler, and properties)

  1. Understanding the Maximo System Bean classes
  2. Customization Points
  3. Sample Customization Scenarios.

6) Field Level Validation classes

  1. Understanding the field level classes
  2. Creating a custom Field Level class.

iii.Sample Customization Scenarios

7) Error Handling in Maximo

  1. Understanding the Maximo’ Error handling Framework
  2. MaxMessages

iii.Error Levels

  1. Creating custom error/warning/status messages

8) Coding Standards for Maximo

  1. Coding standards specific to Maximo

9) Cron tasks and Action Classes

  1. Understanding the Cron Tasks in Maximo
  2. Create a simple cron task

iii.Introduction to Escalation and Workflows

  1. Creating a simple Action class

10) Logging and Log Settings in Maximo

Configuration ()

  • Application designer
  • System properties
  • Domains
  • Roles
  • Database configuration
  • Actions
  • Conditional expression manager
  • Security groups
  • Escalations
  • Communication templates
  1. Migration (Section E)

  2. Integration (Section H)

  • Detail explanation of integration along with web services

Note :

  • Based on request detail explanation of any topic
  • Real-time scenarios explained
Pre requisite
  • Sql, Java oops concepts, general idea on enterprise management is added advantage.

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