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SAP Success Factors Compensation Attribute Online Video

Add Standard Columns
Add Name Columns
First Name
Last Name
Manager first name
Manager Last Name
Add employee data and Compensation data Columns
Adjustment Cash Flow Impact
Adjustment Effective Data
Adjustment2 Cash Flow Impact
Adjustment2 Effective Data
Comp Rating
Current Range Penetration
Current Ratio
Current Salary
Current Salary in local currency
Data of Current Position
Final Job code
Final jOB Family
Final Job Rate
Final Pay Grade
Final Salary
Final Salary Mid Point
Final Salary Rate
Final Salary in Local currency
Job Code
Job Family
Job Level
Job Role
Local currency code
Lump sum
Lump Sum 2
Lump Sum 2 Guideline
Lump SUm guideline
Lump Sum Target
Lump Sum Target 2
Lumpsum effective 2 data
Lumpsum effective data
Merit guideline
Merit Raise cash flow impact
Merit Raise Effective data
Pay grade
Promotion cash flow impact
promotion effective date
Promotion cash flow impact
promotion effective data
Range penetration
Salary midpoint
salary notes
salary prorating end date
Salary Prorating start date
salary rate in local currency
Salary type
Total compensation
Total Compensation in local currency
total increase
Total lump sum
Total Raise
Total Raise Prorating
Total Raise Prorating END Date
Total Raise Prorating Start Date
Units per year
SAP Success Factors Recruitment Online Training India

Success Factors Compensation Implementation guide video

What is Implementation in Success Factors Compensation?

Compensation for the employees is one of the largest investments for businessmen and ensuring that this investment has a major impact on the bottom line is quite important. Compensation, when integrated with a good talent management plan, can easily engage the employees, improve execution, boost performance and help in retaining top talent. Implementation of the Success  Factors Compensation software can help businesses in transforming the compensation of their workforce into one of the most important elements of their overall talent plan. Implementation of the Success Factors Compensation Module Implementation in Success Factors Compensation is the use of the solution for strategic compensation management which further enables business leaders, managers and compensation professionals in aligning compensation programs with business features and objectives. These can be considered an exclusive set of abilities that help businesses in modeling and managing competitive compensation policies and motivating their workforce. Implementation of the Success Factors Compensation solution might be a little complicated because of country-specific and legal compliance. Therefore, it is necessary for businesses to adapt their solutions to local and global procedures and specifications.

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Oracle Fusion HCM Payroll Online Training

Initial Setups – Functional Setup Manager and Application Implementation
Enabling Offerings, Functional Areas, and Features for Initial Use
Setup and Maintenance Tasks
Overview of Functional Setup Manager
Overview of Implementation Projects
Managing Payroll and Payroll Flow Security Profiles
Creating roles and setup users

Defining Common Applications Configuration
Managing Geographies
Managing Payroll features by country
Managing Legal Jurisdictions and Legal Authorities
Managing Legal Entities
Managing Legal Reporting Units

Defining Payroll Business Definitions
Managing Payroll Business Definitions
Managing Payroll Employment Hierarchy Profile Option Values

Defining Payment Methods
Managing Bank Accounts
Managing Organization Payment Methods
Managing Personal Payment Methods
Managing Third Parties and Third-Party Payment Methods

Defining Pay Frequencies
Managing Consolidation Groups
Managing Payroll Definitions
Managing Time Definitions

Defining Payroll Elements
Understanding Elements
Understanding Element Classifications
Managing Earnings and Deductions
Setting up elements (earnings, deductions, Employer Contributions, 401k etc.)
Creating Element Entries and Calculation Cards
Creating Element Entries
Managing Calculation Cards
Overview of Payroll Fast Formulas
Managing User-Defined Tables
Understanding Fast Formula Components
Skip rule examples
Common fast formula changes
Defining Balance Definitions
Managing Balance Definitions
Managing Balance Feeds
Calculating Payroll
Understanding the Payroll Calculation Process
Reviewing Payroll Results
Defining Events
Managing Proration Event Groups
Managing Retroactive Event Groups
Defining Payroll Costing

Payroll Costing Overview
Identifying Cost Allocation Key Flexfield Overview
Understanding the Cost Hierarchy
Managing Payroll Costing
Costing an Element

Defining Object Groups
Understanding Object Groups Overview
Managing Element Groups
Managing Work Relationship Groups
Managing Payroll Relationship Groups
Defining Payroll Flow Patterns
Managing Payroll Flow Pattern Overview
Managing Payroll Process Configuration

Testing the Setup
Managing Payroll Flow Tasks
Running Payroll Using a Flow Pattern
Running a Supplemental Payroll
Generating Payments Using a Flow Pattern
Verifying Payroll Run Results

Single Employee
Single Employee with Corrections – Retry, Rollback & Reversal
Group of Employees
Group of Employees with Corrections – Retry, Rollback & Reversal
Group of Employees reports purpose
Verifying Payslips
Correction of Check payment
Fast formula Payroll
Supp Payroll run for signing Bonus – Single
Supp Payroll run for signing Bonus – Second
Payroll Balancing & Reconciliation
How Fusion Finance integrates with Fusion HCM
Advance Payment
Employee Loans
3rd Party Payment Method
UK Imp Project
US Imp Project

Oracle Global HRMS Online Training


Oracle Fusion HCM Compensation Work Bench

Introduction to Compensation Managment

Compensation Roles
Define Compensation Eligibility Profiles
Define Elements & Salary basis
Base Pay & Individual Compensation
Define & Manage Base Pay
Individual Compensation

Workforce Compensation Overview
Introduction to Workforce Compensation
Plan Configuration – Foundation
Configuring Budgets
Configure Components, Performance & Compensation stats
Configure Alerts & Worksheet design
Configure Model, Reports & Starting Comp Plan Cycle
Perform Budgeting & Modeling
Configure Compensation Worksheet
Worksheet submission & Approval process
How to Transfer Compensation data to HR
Linking of Performance Mgmt with Compensation

Individual Compensation Overview:
Overview of Fusion Individual Compensation
Individual Compensation Plan Setup
Awarding Individual Compensation Plan by Line Manager
Awarding Individual Compensation Plan by HR

Total Compensation stmts:
Understanding Total Compensation stmts
Configure Compensation Items & Categories
Configure Statement Definition
Generating & Viewing Total Compensation stmts
Purging Total Compensation stmts

Oracle Global HRMS Online Training


Oracle Fusion HCM Talent Management Online Course

Introduction to Talent Management Business Activities
Profile Management
-> Configure Lookups , Valuesets , DFF & Profile options
-> Manage profile rating models.
-> Manage Educational establishments.
-> Manage profile content types & Content items.
-> Manage Content Subscribers
-> Manage Instance Qualifiers
-> Manage Profile types
Goal Management
-> Configure Lookups , Valuesets , DFF & Profile options
-> Manage Goal Notifications
-> Manage Eligibility Profiles
-> Manage Goal Library
-> Manage Goal Plans
-> Administering and Mass Assigning Goals
-> Managing Worker and Organization Goals
Performance Management
Career Planning
Define Questionnaires
Questionnaire Concepts
Managing Questions
Question Library
Question and Response Types
Questionnaire Templates
Creating Questionnaires
Manage and Define Worker Performance
Performance Management Overview
Performance Profile Options and Descriptive Flexfields
Performance Roles and Document Types
Eligibility Profiles
Process Flow Definitions
Performance Templates and Performance Template Sections
Performance Documents and Worker Evaluations
Administration and Monitoring Tasks for Worker Performance
Review Talent and Define Talent Review
Talent Review Life Cycle
Talent Review Integrations
Talent Review Setup and Maintenance Tasks
Talent Review Template
Creating Talent Review Meetings
Preparing Data Content before a Talent Review Meeting
Conducting a Talent Review Meeting
Oracle Succession Planning

Oracle Global HRMS Online Training


Oracle Global HRMS Online Training

Oracle Fusion HCM Course Overview
Global Human Resources Course Overview
Human Capital Management: Overview
User Interface Overview

Functional Setup Manager:
-> Functional Setup Manager – Initial Overview
->  Getting Ready
->  Implementing Fusion Applications
->  Planning for Implementation
->  Configuring Offerings
->  Generating Setup Task Lists
->  Assigning Setup Tasks to Users
->  Entering Setup Data
->  Exporting and Importing Setup Data
->  Maintaining Setup Data

Geographies in Fusion HCM
->  Geography Model
->  Geography Structure
->  Explain File-Based Import Process

Enterprise Structures in Fusion HCM
->  Establishing Enterprise Structures Using the Esc
->  Reviewing the Configuration

Job and Position Structures
->  Determine Job and Position Usage
->  Define Additional Job and Position Attributes at Enterprise

Define Enterprise HCM Information
->  Manage Enterprise HCM Information Task
->  Employment Model
->  Work Day Information
->  Number Generation
->  Person- Name Languages
->  Enterprise-Level User and Role-Provisioning Options

Define Legal Entities for HCM
->  Legal Entity Role
->  Legal Entity Considerations
->  Legal Entity and Its Relationship to Divisions
->  Legal Reporting Units Overview
->  Legislative Data Groups
->  Creating Reference Data Sets and Business Units

Define Workforce Structures
->  Defining Locations
->  Defining HCM Organizations
->  Actions and Action Reasons

Define Grades
->  Grades Setup and Maintenance
->  Defining Grades
->  Defining Grade Rates
->  Defining Grade Ladders

Define Jobs
->  Jobs Setup and Maintenance
->  Lookups for Jobs
->  Grades
->  Job Families

Define Positions
->  Positions Setup and Maintenance
->  Positions Example: Retail Industry

Manage Workforce Cycle
->  Add Person
->  Manage Employment Information
->  Areas of Responsibility
->  Employment Processes
->  Mass Updates

Maintain Worker Directories
->  Person Gallery and Portrait
->  Person Search
->  Manager Self-Service
->  Worker Self-Service
->  Portrait Cards
->  Simplified User Experience
->  Managing Gallery Portrait

Define Workforce Records
->  Defining Availability
->  Defining Person Record Values
->  Defining Employment Record Values
->  Defining Documents

Oracle HCM Talent Management Online Course


What is Fiori – Cache buster?

What is Fiori – Cache buster?

1. Web browsers store static resources like java script files stylesheets and images in the browser cache.
2. Cache buster techniques cause web browsers to load content from the server rather than from the browser cache when new resources are available on the server.
3. The cache buster for the SA Fiori Launchpad and SAP Fiori app is bases on versioned URLs.
4. After a software update, URLs containing new tokens are used, which means that the browser considers these URLs as initial requests and loads the new resources from the server.
5. The advantages of this approach is that resources in the cache are only reloaded when a new version is available.
6. The cache buster for the SAP Fiori Launchpad and SAP Fiori apps is not active by default to use it you have to active the SICF service /SAP/BC/Ui2/f.
7. You can use the program/ui2…………client_CACHES on the front end server to invalidate resources of SAP Fiori apps in Client Caches.
Web browsers store static resources like java script files stylesheets and images in the browser cache. When these resources are changed on the server in a software upgrade, you want to load the new resources from the server rather than from the cache, without having to manually clear the browser cache.

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SAP HANA Cloud Integration on Success Factors Course

Goals; Participants gain an in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI)

Audience; Application Consultants, Technology Consultants, Coe / Help Support team member, System  Administrator, System Architect, Enterprise Architect, Project Manager

SAP HANA Cloud Integration Demo Video on SAP Success Factors Module

SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI-CPI-PI) CourseContent_V1.0


How to do SAP Success Factors Certification course Online

How to do SAP Success Factors Modules Certification- The Procedure

SAP Success Factors Modules Certification is basically an exam that is conducted by SAP SE that serves as the pioneer in the field of enterprise application software. This certification helps in validating the experience and the expertise of SAP software users, partners, professionals and customers who look forward to getting good jobs in the SAP environment. This certification is globally recognized and is also a standardized criterion for different responsibility and roles.

Two Popular Options

If you are thinking how to do SAP Success Factors Modules Certification then it is important for you to note that in order to get certified, you will have to sit for the core examination. However, if there is no availability of the most advanced examination version per present release, there are two options that you can go for and they are:

  • Waiting for the exam to be published
  • Going for the previous core examination and getting the latest updates going for the respective delta examination.

SAP Success Factors Modules Certification- Are You Ready For It?

SAP Success Factors Modules Certification is basically an expert-level certification that is completely dependent on successful assignment experience. It stands evidence of the fact that the candidate possesses the highest level of competency on different products of Success Factors. Once you are successful in completing the SAP Success Factors Modules Certification core examination, you will have to be current and you will also have to maintain the certification through the review of delta assessment and content for solutions that you are certified in.