Manual Testing Online Training to create XML?

Manual Automation API Testing Online Training

Manual Testing Online Training to create XML?

How to create XML?

What is the Test Suite?

the collection of TestNG Tests together is called as Test Suite. A test suite can run multiple tests at once by executing the test suite. Additionally, these test access can be dependent on each other or may have to be executed in a specific order independently. Moreover Running the TestNG test suite gives us the capability to manage our test Execution.

How to Create and Run TestNG Test Suite?

Running a test suite in TestNG requires us to create a TestNG XML file and executing it to achieve the goals. Through this TestNG XML File only, we will be able to create and handle multiple test classes in the TestNG framework. In addition to this, the XML file will be the target file where you will configure your test run, set test dependency, include or exclude any test method classes or package and set priority, etc.

TestNG Asserts

TestNG asserts are the most frequently used methods in TestNG and are so common that it is hard to find a TestNG code without the asserts. TestNG asserts the tester decides whether the test was successful or not, along with the exceptions. This post brings you all out of assert with detailed explanations focussing on.

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