The Pentaho Data Integration Course online

The Pentaho Data Integration Course online

The Pentaho Data Integration Course (Learn & Understand Pentaho Course)

Tax benefit for employers

With a degree program, you increase your knowledge and skills. And that stimulates the government. Therefore, as an employer, you are eligible for tax deduction as an allowance for study costs. Based on the Practice Teaching Grant, you can often recover a large part of the education costs as an employer. Per year this can amount to € 2700, – per employee.

Tax benefit for individuals

Even if you pay the education yourself, you can often deduct costs from your tax return. This reduces the cost of your education significantly! The condition is that the study is aimed at your (future) job or occupation. For you as a private individual, a maximum deduction of € 15,000, – applies with a threshold of € 250,

The Pentaho Data Integration Course online

Do you want to follow the Pentaho Data Integration Course online? Which can! We now also offer virtual training. That means you’re following the same training in a virtual classroom. It works through an online system where you log in and then meet the trainer and your fellow students online. The trainer walks with you the lesson material and guides you to the practical assignments by taking over and watching with your screen.

An online training saves you time and money! Of course, you do not have a travel time to get to the training location, but you also save the travel expenses!

Advantages of a Virtual Training-

  • Exactly the same course as the classical (regular) training
  • Trainer takes over your screen and looks like you
  • The trainer will help you remotely and provide feedback
  • No travel expenses and travel time lost
  • Quality remains guaranteed

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