Microsoft Azure 8.1 Certification Online Training

Microsoft Azure 8.1 Certification Online Training

What is Virtual Machine in Azure ?

Azure windows virtual machine (VM) generally uses windows server to support on high level, secure & on-demand virtualized infrastructure. Virtual Machines are typically used to gain control over small or multi-tier applications running on another rack in your datacentres. This tutorial will help you understand how to create, manage and deploy virtual machines in Azure. Azure virtual machines can be created through azure portal and this process also assists in providing a browser based interface for understanding, creating and deploying virtual machines.

Let us now understand the creation of Azure virtual machine:

  • Start by logging into the azure portal and then by clicking on new project and selecting compute, windows 2017 data server can be opened where virtual machine information can be created.
  • Then, on entering the portal, the sizes of VM can be selected here and also the disk type filters can be changed. Once done, by not changing the defaults (will be there in settings) and clicking OK on the summary page will deploy the virtual machine. Once the deployment is done, VM will be pinned to the dashboard of Azure portal, so it opens automatically.

Understand more about the Virtual Machine in Azure, here.

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