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What is Android Mobile Operating system | Android Online Course

What is Android Mobile Operating system and Os Features and APIs

Andriod Mobile Operating systems is a combination of personal computer operating the system and Mobile Phones.Features available in Modern Mobile systems or Wi-Fi Protected Access, Touchscreen, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, Video Camera, Voice Recorder, Camera, Front and Back with High Mega pixels, Speech recognition, Cellular, Global
Positioning System (GPS) Mobile Navigation, Music Player, Infrared Blaster, near Field Communication.A Recent survey says More than 430 million smartphones were sold by the end of the year 2016. The major market share was captured by Andriod Phones. Among all the sales 81.7 % are running Android mobiles.Next to Andriod, iOS Stands with 17.9% Sales and Usage, Windows market ratio is 0.3% as per the first quarter reports of 2017. Forty-Four point nine 44.9% desktops user we down.

Android Os Features and APIs

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