What is Cassandra, Cassandra Online Training

What is Cassandra, Cassandra Online Training

What is Cassandra & Cassandra Online Training:

Apache Cassandra is majorly used for managing and maintaining the huge amounts of data which is structured but spread across, as it is an open source with highly distributed and decentralized storage database. The most important feature of Apache Cassandra is that it provides service or processes the work flow with not even a single point of failure. Some of the standard and most important user friendly features of Apache Cassandra are as follows:

• It is one of the best fault tolerant database which is consistent & scalable at the same time.
• It resembles Amazon in its distribution design & Google in its data model.
• Most of that big time companies like Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Cisco, eBay and many more are using this and resource requirement of Apache Cassandra has increased by 28% in the last 2 years.

Cassandra online Training:
Cassandra online training at Adithya e-learning will help you master the mostly used and implemented NoSQL distributed database. We provide the best online training on Cassandra configuration, Hadoop integration, architecture data modelling, installation and other critical parts. The training covers the advanced concepts of Cassandra providing extensive knowledge on different concepts of Cassandra, Cassandra architecture which helps in building applications for big data and to work on high scalable models.
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