Microsoft Azure and Machine Learning Online Training

Microsoft Azure and Machine Learning Online Training

Azure machine learning:

Azure machine learning was launched in 2015, Feb and has immediately changed the technology game of the industry to help solve the problems of big data processing. As this provides an independent work space, ML workspace (Machine Learning) workspace is a place where all the objective work is done like taking it live apart from general Azure dashboard. Workspace can be accessed at azure studio with UI being more clear and coherent even though the dependency of items is not always the same. Following are the items that are more used in this workspace:

  1. Datasets – Usually these are data containers
  2. Experiments – Used to create, test and train the models
  3. Tested models – these are trained and tested models which can be reused
  4. Web services – Used to gain new predictions.

In routine training terms, Machine Learning is used for predicting the day to day complex issues such as weather forecasts, traffic jam analysis and more, Azure ML helps create, deploy and maintain solutions to these kind of predictive problems.

Online training on Azure Machine Learning from Adithya e-learning involves real time training to make candidates understand different scenarios. Advantage with Azure machine learning is it involves very less or no coding and the entire process is a drag and drop model. To learn and understand more, click here.

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