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What is Talend? Introduction to Talend ETL Tool

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It’s an undeniable fact that business today relies entirely on cloud and integration of Big Data to take numerous real-time decisions that bring prosperity to the business. With the enormous data to access all over the internet, it becomes pretty susceptible if one uses data integration tools to ease out the hectic chores. Talend is one such data integration platform.


Talend is the most reliable data integration platform used by most businesses. It is an open-source data integration platform that provides numerous services like data management, enterprise application integration, data quality, cloud storage, Big Data, and Data Integration. Separate tools are available for all these tasks to run smoothly. Talend provides numerous tools and software to execute data integration. The data quality is improved by making it more accessible and swiftly moved to the targeted systems. Talend allows the company to take more precise real-time decisions and make the company more data-driven.

Talend-an ETL tool

The businesses that are entirely reliant on their data integration and cloud processes use Talend and ETL tools, and it is an inseparable part of all the business processes. If data integration is followed by extraction, transformation, and loading, then the tool used for the process is an ETL tool. Talend is an ETL tool that uses the data extraction initially, followed by data transformation from various sources and finally loading it to a centralized data storage unit.

The action process states the complete form of ETL it undergoes, i.e., Extraction, Transformation, and Loading. The method of managing company data by Talend ETL tool takes three steps. Initially, the unstructured data is extracted from multiple sources. It is then changed into a format that is operationally and analytically accepted by the system and matches all the business requirements. Finally, it is loaded to the targeted storage system, from where you can access it for further use.


Talend ETL tool brings enormous prosperity for the large business systems to integrate the data from various domains to a single domain system where you can further access it as per the business use.