What is Shop and Producers in Guide Wire Online Course?

What is Shop and Producers in Guide Wire Online Course?

Review ; Accounts


SHOP ;  An account is a perGuide wire Policy Online Courseson or organization which has or may have one or more policies.

A. Single Person can be associated to multiple accounts

B. Account could have many, one, or zero policies .



The producer is a Middle man who connects accounts to carriers

A. May work with multiple carriers and know which one is best for applicants needs.

B. Can Pre-Qualify applicant to ensure it makes sense for underwriter to offer quote .



A Contact is a person or a company . A Contact; May need to be contacted for policy information May be named on one or more policies.

PolicyCenter stores contact information on policies and accounts; this gives user the flexibility to manage, group and reuse contact information throughout the application. Users can define and maintain contactsHow contacts can change in policy center

at the account level and use them across polices. A user can have policy specific contact role information added at the policy level. Users can also enter and edit contact information on a policy, and have it update the account and unbound policies in the account.

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