What is UNIX Administration in SAS

What is UNIX Administration in SAS

What is UNIX Administration in SAS?

SAS is generally referred to as the leader in the field of analytics. It is one of the most innovative software programs that can inspire and enable its clients across the globe to transform data into intelligence. SAS administrators have different roles to play and these include data-oriented support, user-oriented support, and platform oriented support. UNIX administration in SAS is of great importance especially for the administrators who carry out the task of creating contact between the enterprise infrastructure support and the developer teams for ensuring prior delivery of technological solutions according to the requirements and the objectives of a business.

The Responsibilities of UNIX Administrators
The UNIX administration in SAS ensures that the software is perfectly positioned for complete compliance with IT policies and standards as agreed upon service levels. Good quality and skilled UNIX administrators will possess the potential of interfacing with the different aspects of the IT infrastructure and this goes special mainly because it pertains to coming up with the best practices while making suggestions and closely working with SAS for making it fit with the already existing IT standards and rules. Administrators generally have in-depth knowledge of the
UNIX platform and its use in SAS.

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